Team events in time of Covid

While we are used to doing the technical work remotely at Tusk IC, nothing compares to an in-person (Covid-proof!) team event.

After a lot of precautions (and sometimes waiting until the last minute for receiving delayed test results), the team went bowling in mid-November. The location was the aptly named Bowling Stones in Antwerpen, and we had the whole place to ourselves!

In the end, we discovered some hidden bowling gems in our team. On the other hand, some players started to doubt if they we left-handed, right-handed or ambidextrous based on their scores 😀

As is tradition, the evening was closed in one our favorite restaurants near the Tusk office in Antwerpen.

With the ever-changing Covid situation and the holiday season coming up, its difficult to find a new date for the next team event. Luckily we have the Santa Claus gift bag to bridge the gap until 2022 😉