Celebrating the first successful Tapeout of 2023

We successfully submitted the first tapeout (TO) of 2023 recently, and this called for some celebration with the whole team!

All credit goes to the team for their hard work and effort to complete this TO. Its a fully internal development, which makes it extra special. We’re looking forward to the measurements in a few months!

We unfortunately didn’t have any pictures of the festivities (good pizza and good beer), but the image below from the TO reception is a worthy alternative.

Best wishes for 2023!

The whole Tusk IC team wishes you happy holidays and a prosperous 2023!

Instead of a greeting card, we present you a 100GHz Christmas Tree on-chip passive implemented in MISO, our internal mmWave design toolkit. The performance of the Christmas tree is… not that great, so we’ll stick to transmission lines and XFMRs for now 😉

Happy holidays and a prosperous 2023 from the whole Tusk IC team!!

Tusk IC, 1500 days later

Time flies: 1500 days ago (Jan. 11, 2018) we started Tusk IC. In those 4 years, we were able to add amazing people to our team, work on beyond-state-of-the-art Silicon designs and push forward innovation in the mmWave spectrum. All while going through a pandemic and unseen turbulence in the semiconductor sector.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the perseverance of the team, the support of your partners and the trust of our clients. A very big thank you to you all!

The Tusk Team is growing and we’re all very excited to keep on surfing the mmWaves in the coming years!

Interested to join us? Check our career page!

Company Day 2022

On Wednesday 16/02/2022, Tusk IC invites you to their Company Day aimed at students interested in RF/mmWave IC design. Tusk IC is a fabless silicon design house, focused on high-frequency mmWave chip design for 5G, Satcom, Radar, Autonomous driving and future 6G applications.

Do you want to know how Tusk IC surfs these mmWaves and how you can become part of it? Contact us at careers@tusk-ic.com or via our website https://tusk-ic.com/2021/12/21/company-day-2022/ .

Good luck with your exams and hope to see you all in February!

Op woensdag 16/02/2022 zal Tusk IC haar Opendeurdag houden voor studenten met interesse in RF en mmWave IC design. Tusk IC is een design house gespecialiseerd in het ontwerpen van hoog-frequente mmWave chips for 5G, Satcom, radar, Autonomous driving en de toekomstige 6G toepassingen.

Wil je meer weten over hoe Tusk IC op de mmWave golven surft en hoe je hier deel van kan worden? Contacteer ons via careers@tusk-ic.com of via de website https://tusk-ic.com/2021/12/21/company-day-2022/ .

Veel success met de examenperiode, en hopelijk tot in Februari!

Team events in time of Covid

While we are used to doing the technical work remotely at Tusk IC, nothing compares to an in-person (Covid-proof!) team event.

After a lot of precautions (and sometimes waiting until the last minute for receiving delayed test results), the team went bowling in mid-November. The location was the aptly named Bowling Stones in Antwerpen, and we had the whole place to ourselves!

In the end, we discovered some hidden bowling gems in our team. On the other hand, some players started to doubt if they we left-handed, right-handed or ambidextrous based on their scores 😀

As is tradition, the evening was closed in one our favorite restaurants near the Tusk office in Antwerpen.

With the ever-changing Covid situation and the holiday season coming up, its difficult to find a new date for the next team event. Luckily we have the Santa Claus gift bag to bridge the gap until 2022 😉

Another successful ISO 9001:2015 review at Tusk

Another year, another successful audit of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) at Tusk IC.

Tusk IC aims to continuously improve and to be a reliable partner for its stakeholders by providing mmWave ASIC solutions in a timely, qualitative and efficient manner.

The ISO 9001 framework helps us in doing this and supports our continued growth as a provider of mmWave innovation!

A copy of our ISO 9001:2015 certificate and objectives can be found here.